Keeping Current: Fashion Video Ads

Lanvin Dance Print Ad

Well it’s been quite a break for us at How Fashion Works but a little viewership love has helped us set our priorities straight and start writing again. So without further delay let’s get back to fashion!

Today’s post was inspired by the Super Bowl. Rarely do I see the realms of sports and style collide, but one of my favorite parts of the Super Bowl is the commercials. Whether clever or cute, Sunday night’s commercials kept me in my seat and waiting for the game to start again so I could get up and refill my beverage. These commercials are huge campaigns for the beer, car, chip (etc) companies, and fashion houses have slowly caught on too.

While fashion ads are mostly ┬áin print form and reign supreme in magazines (you won’t see them during the Super Bowl) brands have started using social media to their advantage and giving us some pretty great video campaigns to salivate over too. For years many fashion brands touted their stuff in perfume campaigns, who can forget Nicole Kidman in the Moulin Rouge-esque Chanel No5 commercial or way back when Kate Moss promoted Calvin Klien’s CK cologne?

Ok so I don’t really remember Kate Moss and the Calvin Klein commercial, but after researching it looks like it was a pretty big deal and helped Calvin Klein get back in the game (aka out of money trouble and making sleek silhouettes again).

Over the last few years (we’ll say since around 2011, anyone who did video to promote their clothes before that was well ahead of the game), brand’s have made video ad campaigns to show off their latest collections while setting a more dramatic stage to reveal the mood of the collection. Many hire big time directors (Sofia Coppola, anyone?) to shoot thoughtful and artful ads. These video campaigns are an extension of the print ads we see in the magazines (take for example the Lanvin print ad above and the video posted below). Here are a few of our favorites fashion video ads that we’ve seen over the years, including Lanvin and Sorel boots plus a brand new campaign from T by Alexander Wang that kept us laughing the whole way through.