Fashion History: The First American Fashion Magazine

Social media and the internet let us see the latest fashions while they are being presented. Fashion blogs are a way to see what celebrities and everyday people are wearing, the trends they are trying, and the products they are using. It’s no wonder the fashion industry is constantly having to present something new—we’re consuming so much information so quickly! But before the internet, people sought fashion magazines for their fashion news and trends (and the socialite gossip, of course).

Harper’s Bazaar (first spelled as Bazar) is the first American fashion magazine. First published on November 2, 1867, the fashion magazine is still published today.  While the first issue featured articles on fashion and literature, the publication later included news of socialites, fashion trends, and was a place for some of the fashion industry’s most famous photographers and editors to showcase their work. See more on it’s nearly 145-year history at

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